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Christmas and New Years Bay of Islands Onboard Food & Beverage Delivery Service & Valet Services.

Bay Of Islands

Luxury Service

BAY OF ISLANDS SERVICE 27/12/19-14/1/20

NZ LUXURY YACHT SERVICES has an on-board delivery service operating in the Bay of Islands from 27/12/19 - 14/1/20.

Order your onboard supplies online and provide 48 hours notice.

Your NZ hand selected produce, cheese, meat, crackers, milk, eggs and any of our ecostore, my sunshine organic sunscreen and onboard soft furnishings will be delivered to your anchorage location within the map area.

We will also be offering valet service while you are at the Bay Of Islands whereby you can come into Opua for a valet and we can deliver your food onboard at the same time.

Delivery fees apply.

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